Welcome to Our NEW Website!

Dan Donoghue

Welcome to the new Chocolate Caper website! If you’re reading this, all the technical stuff that goes into creating s new website, changing hosting providers, and everything that goes with it worked. Please, take a look around and feel free to let us know any feedback you have – we want this website to serve you, so if there’s something missing that you would like to see, something present you don’t like, or anything else, please let us know so we can create the best possible website for the Caper. Of course, feel free to provide positive feedback to if you like the layout, design, content, etc… – we want to hear it all, good and bad.

Also, as you’ve probably noticed by now, along with the new website comes a new logo:

Chocolate Caper Logo

We hope you like the new look!

It always amazes me the amount of work that goes into a website redesign and migration. There are always challenges along the way, and always more work than you ever thought there would be. This website would not be possible without the spectacular work and patience of a great team, and I’d like to send out a big THANKS! to everyone involved for their hard work in getting this site completed. First, thanks to the spectacular team at GreenClock Films for being the lynchpin that held the redesign together, and was endlessly patient with my constant requests, revisions, and general ability to be annoying. In addition, thanks to the design team at GreenClock for the new logo! Second, thanks to Atomic Coffee Media for giving us eCommerce, allowing all our customers around the country and world to order online, and for being a great technical and best practices resource for us as we developed this new site. Shipping chocolate is immensely more complicated than it appears at first glance, and everyone came together to overcome every hurdle we encountered from how to deal with warm weather climates when shipping to addressing all the product-specific options that come with ordering chocolate. I highly recommend these folks, GreenClock Films and Atomic Coffee Media, for video production, photography, graphic design, and website design – as well as all around great people to work with on any project. And as a priceless bonus, we developed some great new relationships and friendships through this project.

Please allow me to provide a quick overview of the new site. First, of course, is the completely new design. Second is the ability to order online – just click “Shop” above. Third is making available a huge amount of information about the Caper – hover over “Store Information” above. Fourth is the ability to place holiday orders online (you can, of course, still use the paper order form, phone, or any other method you’ve used in the past to place a holiday order). Finally, there’s this place – the blog! We intend to update this regularly, and write about a variety of topics including but definitely not limited to chocolate. We’ll be discussing everything from why chocolate makes you happy to new products to recipes to community issues and more. Please subscribe to our mailing list (use the form on the bottom of this page) to be notified of new blog posts, and receive notifications of special events and other goings-on at the Caper – along with liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/chocolatecaper) and following us on Twitter (@chocolatecaper), the blog and email list give us additional ways to let you be the first to know about new products, specials, and what’s going on at the Caper.

So, with all that said – WELCOME! We hope you enjoy our new online digs!