The Benefits of Shopping Local

Categories:Fun Facts
Dan Donoghue

A great infographic was just released by the Institute for Local Self Reliance and Advocates for Independent Business that shows the benefits of shopping local compared to shopping at Amazon (or any other non-local big-box store).  Amazon and big-box retailers in general are necessary and useful to utilize when it is not possible to find items at a local business and also occasionally for affordability – after all, every dollar you save is another dollar you can spend local – and we too, as a small business and large family occasionally need to avail ourselves of their services and are glad they are available to us.  The benefits of shopping local cannot be denied.  We are so grateful for our local communities’ support, and appreciate the choice all our customers make to buy local.  For a directory of local businesses, Dane Buy Local and the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce are great resources, as are the other area Chambers of Commerce.  Check out the infographic, post your comments and thoughts, and shop local!

Small Business Inforaphic