October 2012 Newsletter

Dan Donoghue

Hi Everyone, After a dry, miserably hot summer, we are back making chocolate for another season. It is always nice to see everyone and share stories of our summer activities.

Claude and I spent two weeks in the northwoods going for walks, kayaking and visiting beautiful parts of Wisconsin. Our black lab, Bogart, enjoyed swimming in the lakes and getting lots of attention. When we got home, we helped with the Capital Lakes Dragonfest. I organized a local team which won a bronze medal in their division! As usual I paddled on a cancer survivor team for women – TEAMSurvivor-Madison. I had the opportunity to go back to Madeline Island to volunteer at Breast Cancer Recovery’s retreat in July. I also paddled in three other dragon boat festivals before the end of the summer. It was great being free to indulge in my hobbies and having time to volunteer for groups that are important to me.

Another winter chocolate season is fast approaching. Whether it is because of the good news about health effects of chocolate or our growing popularity, we have been successful. With three small tempering machines and our advancing age, we have limited capacity.

We would like to emphasize our order deadline of December 3. We don’t know which boxes we will have available or what the overall quantity will be after that date. So to insure you get what you would like, please let us know early. You can pick up your chocolate any time before December 20. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a good 2013.


P.S. I wrote this before the death of our black lab, Bogart. I still miss him – especially when he woke me up at 5am every morning by making noise and puffing his cheeks.


Bogart – Claude’s best friendThis letter has become a custom for over 20 years. It was a way to continue many of the conversations that we had both at the Farmer’s Market and at our shop in Oregon. At the beginning of the month, I was thinking during this election year about what my grandfather had jokingly said about democracy – “Democracy is for the rich.” As a child in Switzerland, I always argued with my grandpa who was born in 1894. I laughed because I thought he was just an old man. I was going to rave a little bit about the cost of electing our public officials, but my dog, Bogart, known as Bobo the Stoic, died suddenly of a spinal injury. Bogart and I were known by our neighbors as “The Four Seasons.” He was 10 years old and he was never on a leash. Whatever I was doing outside all year around, he was with me. I miss him enormously.

I restarted this letter during Hurricane Sandy’s approach to the coast. It seems to put things in perspective. Emotionally I am still distraught by the passing of Bogart. At the same time, my thoughts go out to the people who are in the path of the storm. I heard that the cost of this storm could be in the many billions of dollars. So now I will go back to the obscenity of spending about $7 billion dollars on presidential campaigns alone. That is not right and I always wonder why we are not able to change this system and go, like England and many other nations, to a two month campaign and free advertisements. In any case, that’s really what it is all about – money and power. My grandfather was maybe right. I wish you all good health and a good life for 2013.


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