Newsletter October, 2015

Dan Donoghue

Greetings from The Chocolate Caper!
We are excited to be entering our 2nd holiday season after running the Caper for a full year now! The last year has taught us a great deal. Most importantly, we learned how amazing and wonderful our customers are! Your support and feedback this year have been invaluable and we would not be here today without you. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many of you and look forward to meeting more of you. The personal connections make coming to work each day a joy!

This year has also brought some changes. We proudly re-opened with full-time year-round business hours, we gave the front of the store a facelift, added online ordering, started shipping, and we added a variety of new confections and began offering baked sweets as well (not to worry, all your old favorites are still here!) We also expanded our Caper family, which now includes not only Elizabeth and Dan, but also Lee, Windi, our oldest son Khayman and Amanda. We all miss Ellen and Claude, but they still pop-in to check on us frequently and are both in good health and enjoying retirement.

A special thanks to all of you for your support, patronage, and for helping to continue our wonderful holiday season traditions – and for letting us be a part of yours! We look forward to seeing you soon!
-The Donoghue Family

Donoghue Family