The Chocolate Caper

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The Chocolate Caper will open again on September 9, 2014.
We are closed to the public until then.

We make our chocolate fresh and in very small batches. Our specialty is Swiss pralinés. Pralinés are irresistable chocolates, made with two layers: pure chocolate on the top; chocolate mixed with hazelnut butter, almond butter or toffee on the bottom.

Ellen & Claude Marendaz, Chocolate Caper owners. Oregon, WIWe cut our pralinés by hand and hand-dip our apricots, caramels and other goodies. Our chocolate is from California, our pure almond butter is from a co-op in Missouri, and our hazelnut butter is from the state of Oregon. Our recipes (and Claude), however, are from Switzerland!

Times they are a changing...please read our Newsletter for more info.

The Chocolate Caper
105 S. Main Street
Oregon, WI 53575